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Bar Spotters

The most constant aspect in the restaurant and bar business that every operator would like to achieve is controlling costs through loss prevention.

Are your bar inventories off? Are Cash receipts down?

When operators don't seriously scrutinize bar activities, bartender actions may include giving drinks away, overpouring, theft, and serving minors. Without professional bar spotting, the odds of catching them is remote and may result in significant financial losses!

Truly great customer service, hospitality and bartender integrity are keys to success in any bar. Bar spotters are the way to measure the customer experience, drink pouring, cash handling, suggestive selling and of course ringing of all drinks.

SSI's founder, Mike Albert, was quoted recently stating:

"Great service is only a great service when it has been ordered, bought and consumed. Loyal customers are built from great service."

Most services are generally delivered by people to other people and companies must strive to deliver top quality services to all of the customers all the time. Bar spotters are a key ingredient to your bars success.

A customer's opinion of your company is always based on their experience of the product and service they receive. Our custom tailored bar spotters programs provide actionable data for informed decision making.

Measuring and monitoring your bartenders service gives you knowledge and confidence or insight in cash handling, ringing of drinks, suggestive selling and alcohol control, all of which are factors in your bottom line or profit margins. Information provided by our bar spotters about your bar gives your staff confidence in delivering your concept to your specifications. Statistics show that for every complaint received by a company there are another ten dissatisfied customers who simply moan to friends and use a rival company next time. Bar spotters give you an opportunity to correct problems in the "integrity of your bar" and overall guest service mistakes before word of mouth negatively impacts your business"

Bar spotters are a direct and reliable method of assessing, customer experience and satisfaction. No other method can replace simple, effective feedback from anonymous bar shoppers, more commonly known as bar spotters. After visiting your business anonymously, our bar spotters posing as a member of the public, complete a detailed critique of their visit, giving you a complete evaluation of the bartenders service and the customers experience. Different bar spotters make several visits over a period of weeks or months depending upon what type of service you are evaluating. Bar spotters assignments are tailored to the clients needs.

Satisfaction Services Inc are specialists in bar spotters services and are market leaders in our field. Our bar spotters results will give you unparalleled insight into alcohol control, ringing of drinks, cash handling and service procedures along with overall customer experience and satisfaction. Our bar spotters examine professionalism, sales techniques, closing skills, hospitality and a whole range of other skills.

Detailed feedback about problems with customer service and positive aspects as well is vital if you want to retain and expand your loyal customer base and market share. Use our bar spotters evaluations and "Top of the industry" back up criteria reports and gain the advantage over your competitors with a "user friendly" and reliable bar spotters program and learn what a trustworthy "bar spotters" program is all about!

Please visit our Bar Spotters Client Demo to see what your Mystery Shopping Program will look like satisfaction services, inc.

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Providing a new level of bar spotters with "actionable" data to insure good decision making … to improve customer service and guest satisfaction with the customers perspective through bar spotters…. bottom line increase customer loyalty and profits

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Quality and Speed for Restaurant Success Sep 6, 2006

Using technology to improve mystery shopping.
When a restaurant operator wants to evaluate their operation, it would be nice to be able to read customers’ minds. Secret shoppers, who are clandestine agents sent to evaluate your business, can provide that insight. More

Bar Shopping or Bar Spotters by Satisfaction Services

We offer a wide range of services in demand to various organizations with focus on Customer Service Industries. These Include, though not limited to; Restaurant, Fine Dining and Upscale restaurant Mystery Diners, Fast Food and Limited Service Restaurants, Institutional Foodservice or hospitality organizations, Hotels, Resort and Spa, , In addition to Bakeries and Food-Courts. Travel, Banks, Cruise Lines, Retail Stores and Malls, Outlets, Tourist Destination, Not-for-Profits including: Schools and Cities departments. Such as city departments, police departments, zoning, tourim and chamber of commerce programs.




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