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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.

Your information is password protected on our website and only you and your designated staff will have access to the information. You will have head office, regional, district and location designation for information access.

Reports are sorted by district, region and all locations combined. Categories of questions as well as each question on the evaluation are summarized in the reporting formats. Reports can be sorted by month, quarter, and year-to-date or range of dates.

Your evaluations / mystery shops will appear under a 'waiting for review' category and after they are reviewed they can be archived for future retrieval, at anytime.

Your reports from past evaluations/ mystery shops are also available for review at anytime.


  • We custom design a criteria to evaluate your business based on your steps of customer service and your process of doing business.

  • Our evaluators or mystery shoppers submit the information to us within 12 hours of visiting your location.

  • The mystery shop information is reviewed by our staff and submitted to you within another 12 hours.

  • You receive timely, accurate and comprehensive information in almost, real time.

  • We select and train evaluators or secret shoppers who fit your typical consumer profile to insure accurate feedback on the consumer expectation you have established for your organization.

  • We have different formats for your review.

  • If you do not find a format related to your type of business, let us know and we will provide one for you.

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Monthly criteria report
Monthly summary report
Year-to-date summary report

For more detailed information on a specific mystery shopping or guest service evaluation program for your organization
email us  or call 800 564 6574.

However you refer to it - mystery shopping, secret shopping, bar spotting, customer service or guest service evaluations, Satisfaction Services Inc. will provide an evaluation program to increase profits by building customer loyalty through measuring and monitoring a quality customer experience

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