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Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of Quality and Service Evaluation Programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right. Satisfaction Services, Inc. Shoppers Customer Service _
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Mystery Shopper Success

Testimonials About Mystery Shopping with Satisfaction Services

Every company’s most critical assets are their customers, and no company can afford to disregard the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Partly due to steeply expensive advertising and promotional costs, acquiring a new customer can cost up to four or five times more than keeping a current customer

To win in today’s competitive market, your company must ensure that more of your customers are loyal customers who not only continue to spend with you, but who also generate income by recomending your company to others.

Nations Restaurant News

Nations Restaurant News
Customer Service - Mystery Shoppers

Wingstop franchisee: Secret to mystery shopper success is good service for all - Treat every customer like a mystery shopper and you won't worry about poor ratings on anonymous customer service surveys, said Diwan, franchise owner of a Wingstop fast-casual restaurant in Mentor on the Lake, Ohio. MORE

Small things can add up to a happy, loyal customer.. or lost business -

Grocery Headquarters Magazine article Grocery Headquarters
- The bottom line on service
A well-run quality evaluation program can be a key reason your shoppers are happy with your stores and keep coming back.

"Do you know how much your customers are worth?"

More importantly, do your store employees and servicemen know? If a family uses your cleaning and maintenance services weekly and spends a $100 per month, they are worth $24,000 to your company over the next 20 years. Losing just 10 customers can mean losing almost a quarter of a million dollars. MORE

Quality Digest Article on Customer Service Quality Digest -
Five Steps to Stellar Customer Service How do you achieve stellar customer service? By following five easy steps.  MORE

MSN link to Customer Service Featured Segment " Money Talks" The "customer service hall of shame" with Stacy Johnson - | News That Pays

Why use mystery shoppers?

All types of companies employ mystery shoppers to report on levels of service and customer satisfaction. In doing so they are able to ensure that their staff are properly trained, product quality is consistent, and that the company image is being portrayed in the desired manner.

Mystery shoppers are also used by companies that franchise and that rely on distributors or resellers to supply their products to the public. To be sure that the distributors are representing the products faithfully and are fully trained.

What do mystery shoppers do?
Our service evaluators will approach your company in the same manner as any other business client or prospect would, and comment upon service levels and satisfaction.

Mike Albert is a keynote speaker about customer service and the guest eXperience. The steps of Service - Five Steps to stellar customer service..

Mystery shopping for 20 years, Satisfaction Services is a leader in the Secret Shopping Industry and an expert in utilizing Secret Shoppers to evaluate and Improve Customer Service.


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SSI provides evaluation programs and service evaluations to restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, retail stores, limited service restaurant chains, banks, jewelry and eyeglass companies. Providing mystery shoppers to businesses nationwide and worldwide through SSI’s preferred vendor shopping services to the Hospitality Industry, Foodservice Industry, Consumer Electronics Association, National Restaurant Association members, manufacturers, retailers and resellers. Satisfaction Services shoppers set the standard for mystery shopping companies. We maintain our focus on hospitality, service, the quality of product, marketing, merchandising and compliance, operations, franchise compliance, loss prevention, customer retention, guest loyalty and of course improving sales and profits. Our shopper services are from the customers perspective in detailed and informative forms of customer feedback with detailed evaluation summaries.  Our quality and service evaluations are delivered online and are invaluable to any business. Customer Service is our passion, Satisfaction Services, Inc. ®


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