Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of Quality and Service Evaluation Programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right. Satisfaction Services, Inc. _
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Customer Satisfaction and Guest Experience Management, Customer Perspective Based Feedback Programs:

Valuable necessary tools to operate and manage your business and Satisfaction Services has twenty years experience delivering premier mystery shopping service and secret shoppers nationwide and worldwide to all types of businesses. We are “The Customer Satisfaction Experts”, you will not find a better mystery shopping company or shopper survey program that delivers detailed accurate informative evaluations and complete summaries competitively priced and on time.

Some of the Services we offer as a leading Mystery Shopping Company:
Secret Shoppers - Customer Satisfaction Evaluations - Telephone Surveys Web Survey - Guest Surveys - Exit Surveys - Market Research - Competitor Pricing Competitive Analysis - Comment Cards Programs - Guest Service Checks - POS Receipt Customer Feedback - Secret Shopper Programs - IVR - Call Center - Customer Follow Up Calls

Mystery Shopping Programs and Guest Feedback Services Improve Customer Service, Guest loyalty, Increases Sales and Reduce Costs - Seeing your company from the Customers Perspective and Understanding your business through business through the customers perspective with direct guest feedback.

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Bar Spotters - Secret Shoppers and Bartenders Integrity

Guest Relations

Guest Services

Integrity Shops

Mystery Shopping Hotels

Mystery Shopping My Business- Secret Shoppers Programs

Restaurants - Mystery Diners Secret Shop Evaluate Restaurant Service

Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Service Evaluation Feedback Response

Secret Shoppers

Satisfaction Services - Spa Service Evaluations

IVR- Satisfaction Services brings IVR (Integrated Voice Response)

We have been providing aour customer based services to all types of comapnies and businesses, since 1988:

Compliance Guidelines
Retail Businesses
- Clothing, Jewelry, Footwear, Boutiques
Electronics, Cell Phone, Cable, Office Supply
Parks - Attractions
Entertainment Venues
Hotels and Resorts - Lodging Industry Hotel Restaurants - Bars, Reservations, Spa Service
Hospitality Industry
Liquor Controls
Tobacco - Alcohol
Age Compliance
Loss Prevention
Retail Stores
Financial Institutions
Automotive Sales and Service
Car Wash - Oil Change

Convenience Stores
Property Management
Condominium Sales
Service Providers
Franchise Compliance
Spa Service
Day Spa
Tobacco Compliance

Mystery Shopping is the practice of using secret shoppers who have been trained to anonymously evaluate customer service, hospitality, company location operations, merchandising, product quality, loss prevention and employee integrity. Market research and competitive pricing.

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"Service is our Passion" - Mike Albert

Need a speaker for one of your events or Coventions? Mike Albert is available to speak on a range of topics related to Customer Service, Guest Satisfaction, Hospitality, Managing the Customer Experience and Steps of Service. He was In the the restaurant-and-foodservice industry for 15 years. In 1988 he founded Satisfaction Services and has provided Quality Secret Shopper Evaluation Programs and consulting Services For All types of companies Call 800 -564-6574 for more information.

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