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Secret Shoppers, Mystery Shopping Diners and Customer Service Experience Shopper Service by Satisfaction Services, Inc. ® the Secret Shopper Company.

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Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopper customers is a tool used to measure the quality of service, restaurant, retail to gather specific information about customer service or merchandising. Mystery Shopping with Secret Shoppers to evaluate and improve customer service using guest feedback from the secret shoppers customer perspective with your company.

Secret Shoppers - Mystery Shopping Companies since 1988 and Secret Shoppers Service by Satisfaction Services, Inc. ® with over 20 years experience shopping customer service from the customers perspective.

Mystery shopping or a secret shopper customer is a tool used by Mystery Shopping Providers and market research companies to measure the quality of restaurant service, retail service or gather specific information about customer service or product merchandising.

Mystery Shopping with Secret Shoppers to evaluate and improve customer service using direct guest feedback from the secret shoppers customers perspective while conducting business with your company. We provide staff evaluation programs and customer surveys. SSI has quality and service evaluation programs providing information about your service from the customers perspective and customer satisfaction feedback.

We are a leading Mystery Shopping Provider and have been in the customer experience and hospitality management industry since 1988 with global evaluation services. Providing Quality and Service Evaluations, Customer Surveys and Consumer / Market Research Including competitor shops, compliance audits and evaluations to leading restaurant, hospitality, entertainment venues, retail stores, chain store, educational, municipalities, tourism, convention bureaus, financial industries, eyeglass vision, spa service, automobile dealers, and service companies nationwide and international customer service.

Our shoppers are highly trained for their service evaluations or shops in all areas of customer service satisfaction, compliance, competitive, pricing and facility audits .

"Loyal customers are built from great customer service. Learn from your customers perspective, your guests perception of your service delivered through our services.
"Service is our passion"
Mike Albert, founder, Satisfaction Services, Inc. is a keynote speaker on customer service, hospitality and the guest experience.

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Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

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We maintain our focus on hospitality, customer service, the quality of product, marketing, merchandising and compliance, operations, restaurant and franchise compliance, loss prevention, retail, finacial, customer retention, guest loyalty and of course improving sales and profits. Our evaluation services are from the customers perspective in detailed and informative forms of customer feedback with detailed evaluation summaries.  Our quality and service evaluations are delivered online and are invaluable to any business to check service delivery.

Mystery Shopping / Secret Shoppers and Customer Experience Management Tools staff, service evaluations, surveys, and customer feedback programs are used by companies to measure their customers experience and guest satisfaction. Customer Service and Market Research Services measure a companies quality of service or gather specific information about product, pricing, marketing and services. Secret shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. The most common venues where secret guests and mystery diners are used are retail stores, movie theaters, spas, restaurants, fast food chains, grocery store, supermarkets,banks, gas stations, car dealerships, apartments and health clubs, as well as health care facilities. Global Service evaluations, comment cards and surveys used to provide feedback on customer services, it is service intelligence provided by guest feedback from the customers perspective or a critique view of service, facilities, merchandising and hospitality, nationwide and international customer satisfaction programs and customer service.

We have Jobs- part time jobs or shops, they are real part time work with flexible hours. You must be reliable, observant and provide accurate detailed service evaluations of your customer experience and your satisfaction as a guest on every secret shop.

We can "Mystery Shop" your company and provide secret shoppers and merchandisers / demos Nationwide and International Service.

Shop and check your customer service and manage you customers experience and satisfaction with our global service intelligence evaluations, consumer research tools, and direct guest feedback critique from the customers perspective and guest chek surveys feedback programs.

What is Mystery Shopping and Secret Shoppers Services?

Mystery Shopping is the practice of using secret shoppers who have been trained to anonymously evaluate customer service, hospitality, company location operations, merchandising, product quality, loss prevention, compliance and employee integrity. SSI can also evaluate your competiton with our secret shoppers along with market research, competitive pricing and customer surveys for guest satisfaction. Take a closer look at your customer service and guest experience from the guests perspective contact us About Satisfaction Services Secret Shopping

About Mystery Shopping Jobs

Satisfaction Services Inc. is constantly seeking shoppers or service evaluators to perform a shops and service audits. How do I become a mystery shopper? We are accepting qualified individuals to become evaluators. It is work, however it can be fun and rewarding and is a legitimate part time job by assignment or Shops. More about Jobs -Part Time Jobs Shopping

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Let us Mystery Shop for your company, get the best marks in hospitality and customer service feedback, contact us and Get Satisfaction!

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The Mystery Shopping Company - Founder of Satisfaction Services, Mike Albert - Secret Shoppers Customer Service Evaluations and Survey Program Company

Mystery Shopping and Secret Shopper Service Since 1988, "Get Satisfaction" with our Customer Service Feedback Programs.

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