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Sales and Partnership Opportunities


We are always in search of high quality individuals with a desire to achieve their personal and financial goals. Sales minded, motivated people have an opportunity to achieve that in participating with SSI in the sale of Mystery Shopping Services to a variety of industries.

 As an option to a franchise relationship with SSI we offer, to select individuals, an opportunity to invest a lesser amount of money to secure a Managing Partner position in a market. This investment is considerably less than a franchise would cost but gives you the same security in gaining an ongoing revenue stream from the client base you generate.

 Sales position opportunities are also available in select markets that would require no financial investment. A likely candidate for this role could be a person already associated with a particular industry having contacts that might capitalize on gaining access to decision makers.

 Either of these beginnings could potentially turn into a Franchised owned business of SSI for you at some future time.

If you have an interest in one of these exciting alternatives please contact our Corporate Headquarters at 800 564 6574.



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