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Mike Albert founder of Satisfaction Services has been featured in Magazines / News Articles and on Network TV featuring Customer Service & Mystery Shoppers. Mike Albert is a keynote speaker on the "Customer Experience and Guest service"

CEA- The two-day attraction, co-located with Spring EHX, will provide specialty dealers with a full slate of educational sessions.

Jan. 31, 2008 — by CE Pro Editors

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has released its complete schedule for the 2008 PARA Conference, co-located this year with EHX Spring in Orlando, Fla.

The two-day event, scheduled for March 12-14 at The Peabody Orlando, is sporting the theme “Demonstrating the Promise of Technology.”

Some of the highlights of the show:

Thursday, March 13
- Martin Smith, president of Ethnometrics, will present “EthnoMetrics and Your Showroom,” covering the customer purchase experience, including maximizing ROI and margins when setting up a product showcase.

- Mike Albert, founder of Satisfaction Services, and a panel of dealers and vendors will discuss “Evaluating the Customer Experience,” focusing on creating and maintaining a positive customer experience using customer satisfaction measurements.


Mike Albert is a keynote speaker on "Customer Service" and the Guest Experience. Some articles and interviews follow:

Today Show Satisfaction Services spotlights poor customer service trend on TODAY Show

Today Show Video Segment


This morning, mystery shoppers from Satisfaction Services were featured on a Today Show segment about the decline of customer service. To investigate claims that service is at an all time low, the team had taken hidden cameras into leading retail establishments and later critiqued the film footage of both good and bad service for Today Show viewers. Mike Albert is also a guest speaker - MORE

Quality Digest Quality Digest
Five Steps to Stellar Customer Service
How do you achieve stellar customer service? By following five easy steps.  MORE

Grocery Headquarters Grocery headquarters
The bottom line on service
A well-run quality evaluation program can be a key reason your shoppers are happy with your stores and keep coming back.
Do you know how much your customers are worth? More importantly, do your checkers and front line employees know? If a family spends $100 per week and shops your chain for the next 20 years, it is worth $104,000 to your company. Losing just 10 of those customers can mean losing $1 million. MORE

Money Talks
Secret shopping puts customer service under microscope

Have you ever been in the grocery check-out bagging your own stuff while two or three store clerks stand not too far away talking loudly about taking their upcoming 10-minute break or when their shifts end for the day? MORE

QSR Restaurant Success QSR
Quality and Speed for Restaurant Success Sep 6, 2006

Using technology to improve mystery shopping.
When a restaurant operator wants to evaluate their operation, it would be nice to be able to read customers’ minds. Secret shoppers, who are clandestine agents sent to evaluate your business, can provide that insight. MORE

Small things can add up to a happy, loyal customer...
or lost
"Do you know how much your customers are worth?" More importantly, do your store employees and servicemen know? If a family uses your cleaning and maintenance services weekly and spends a $100 per month, they are worth $24,000 to your company over the next 20 years. Losing just 10 customers can mean losing almost a quarter of a million dollars. MORE

Marketing News Marketing News
Internal evaluation programs aid campaigns

Why would a marketing publication, namely Marketing News, devote a special section entirely to customer satisfaction? A better question might be, why spend thousands or millions of dollars in creating a product or concept and then spend thousands or millions of dollars in advertising to drive people to the product or service, if you don’t know what you are doing to the customer when they finally do come into your business? MORE



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"QSR" Quality and Speed for Restaurant Success -Magazine - Article - About Mystery Shopping, About Secret Shoppers - Mystery Diners in Restaurants - also featured in "Nations Restaurant News", PMQ, Pizza Magazine and "Hotslice". FRLA - Restaurant News. Mike Albert founder of Satisfaction Services is also a keynote speaker on customer service and guest experience.



Mystery Shopping Customer Service "Shoppers" visit businesses to evaluate customer service, product quality and delivery.


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