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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



Telephone Evaluation Client        
      From 2/9/2004 To 2/11/2004        
Location 2
123 Any street
Anytown, FL 33333 
Current score is 90
Visit Information Response Points
1. Day of call Tuesday    
2. Date of call 2/10/04    
3. Time of call 1:28    
4. Name of person you spoke to Lynn    
Phone 90 of 100 Points - 90% Response Points Available Points
1. Was the phone answered promptly? (within 3 rings) YES 10 10
2. Did the associate use proper greeting? YES 10 10
3. Name of the associate who answered Lynn    
4. Patient counselor's name No name given    
5. Did they ask you for a name, phone#, where you were calling from BEFORE they answered your questions? NO 10 0
6. Did the associate try to book you a complimentary consultation? YES 10 10
7. How many times during the conversation did they try and book a consultation? 2    
8. Was the patient counselor enthusiastic? YES 10 10
9. Did they take control of the conversation? YES 10 10
10. Did they SELL the
YES 10 10
11. When you asked "How much is the cost of the surgery?" Did they quote a price? YES 10 10
12. If so, what was the response? Starts at 299 to 1700    
13. When you told them you were looking for something a little less expensive, what made them different? Did they respond positively in a convincing manner? YES 10 10
14. What was their response? We do not deal with volume like they do    
15. Could they get you in right away for a consultation? YES 10 10
16. What kind of equipment do you use? Nidek and Visx    
17. How do they compare to others? 2 most widely used    
18. What is the doctor's success rate? 98%    

The conversation started off very slowly. I was waiting for her to ask questions so I played dumb and waited for Lynn to start the conversation. Her enthusiasm during the conversation was very, very good. She did not initially ask me for my name or other personal information. I had to tell her that someone recommended their company, after I did this he said that I should come in.

There was a pause on the phone so I started asking her questions. She seemed like she knew a lot about the business and was knowledgeable in answering my questions. She mentioned that she'd been there 1.5 years.

She also mentioned that the hours were extremely limited as in Mon, Tues, and Friday. She said that the doctor's success rate was very high. She also commented that she also does exams.

When I asked her about the difference in her company from the others she was very professional about saying that her firm doesn't perform surgery on everybody like the other companies might, only ones that could really benefit from the surgery.

When I asked her about the success rate she commented that she herself was a bit surprised in that all the clients raved about the treatment and how good the doctors were. The doctors prefer to meet 20/20 vision success as the clients want and not the 20/40 as the standards call being successful. She sounded very confident throughout the conversation. She wasn't "pushy" and her manner was very, very nice. She stated that if a person needs the treatment they will do it. It wasn't until the end when she asked for personal information. I had to ask her where she was located in order to get directions.


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