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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



 BAR EVALUATION / Region 1 / District 1 - Bar -          
      From  08/01/2001 to 08/05/2001        
Location  101-MIAMI
6390 Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33458
Current score is 91
Visit Information Response Points
1.Day of visit: Saturday    
2.Date of visit 08/04/2001    
3.Time of visit: 6:30 p.m.    
4.Dollar amount spent : 38.00    
5.Transaction / receipt #: 0268b    
Telephone 6 of 6 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Was the telephone answered promptly and professionally? YES 2 2
2.Was the telephone answered in a friendly and enthusiastic manner? YES 2 2
3.Were your questions answered accurately? YES 2 2
Host 3 of 12 Points - 25% Response Points
1.Were you greeted promptly by the host upon entering? NO 3  
2.Did the host give you a proper welcoming greeting? NO 3  
3.Did the host appear genuinely friendly and make good eye contact with you? NO 3  
4.Were you offered a proper greeting when leaving the restaurant? YES 3 3
Facility 10 of 10 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Did the exterior of the restaurant appear clean and well maintained? YES 3 3
2.Did the bar area, floor and back of the bar appear neat, clean & organized? YES 3 3
3.Did the bar stools appear clean and well maintained? YES 2 2
4.Were the restrooms clean and well stocked? YES 2 2
Bartender 72 of 72 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Did the bartender greet the guests promptly and place beverage napkins down? YES 5 5
2.Did the bartender give you a proper greeting in a courteous manner? YES 4 4
3.Did the bartender introduce him/herself to you and shake your hand? YES 7 7
4.Were your drinks served promptly? YES 4 4
5.Were your beverages served on beverage napkins or coasters? YES 3 3
6.Did your beverage taste great and was it appropriately garnished? YES 2 2
7.Did the bartender offer you additional drinks in a timely manner? YES 4 4
8.Was the bartender attentive to your needs (ie. clean ashtray, wipe wet bar etc.) YES 4 4
9.Did the bartender(s) appear genuinely friendly? YES 4 4
10.Did the bar top appear clean and well maintained? YES 4 4
11.Did the bartender(s) use suggestive selling techniques (offer you something to eat/appetizer/upsell your beverage)? YES 5 5
12.Did the bartender(s) offer to run a tab for you? YES 3 3
13.Were all sales recorded promptly after being served? YES 4 5
14.Did your check correspond to the amount charged and was it accurate? YES 4 4
15.Was the pour measure accurate, not overpoured? YES 4 4
16.Did all cash handling appear ethical? YES 4 4
17.Was any "Flair" bartending used during your visit (ie, flipping bottles)?      
FYI Response Points
1.Did it appear all drinks were accounted for & none given away? YES    
2.No one being served appeared to be intoxicated. YES    
3.Greeting hostess (name or description) N/A    
4.Seating hostess (name or description)(if applicable): N/A    
5.Bartenders (names or descriptions) Josh and Gina    
6.Server (name or description) (if applicable) Josh and Gina    
7.Food runner (name or description) if applicable:  Gina    
8.Food and drink items ordered: Tom Collins, Miller Lt., conch fritters, burger, salad    
9.Was the manager visible and interacting with patrons? YES    
10.Did anyone recognize you by name or attempt to learn your name? YES    
11.If you asked to take some of your food with you, was it packaged by a staff member in a positive manner? N/A    
12.Was the noise level comfortable? YES    
13.How would you rate your overall visit? Positive    

My companion and I entered the restaurant at approximately 6:30 p.m. The hostess was escorting people to their seats so we made our way to the bar area and immediately found two seats.

My companion and I were immediately greeted. At that time Josh asked if he could get us something to drink. He did introduce himself and was very pleasant and welcoming to us. He informed us of the drink specials.

We placed our drink order and he immediately served us our drinks. He then immediately entered our drinks into the register and placed the receipt in front of us on the bar.

He then asked if we would like menus. We said yes and he immediately handed them to us. He returned to us four minutes later to take our order. After we placed our order he immediately updated our bill in the computer and placed it in front of us at the bar.

When not waiting on customers our bartender remained busy cleaning and maintaining the bar area. The bar area was pretty slow.

Josh was very friendly and interacted with guests in a positive and professional manner. We started with an order of conch fritters.

Approximately six minutes after we had placed our order Gina delivered them to us. She was very friendly and asked if she could get us anything else. Approximately 3 minutes after we had finished our conch fritters Josh cleared away our dishes and informed us that our dinners would be out in a minute.

Four minutes later Gina delivered our entrees to us. She again asked if she could bring us anything else. My companion ordered a plain hamburger and I ordered the Lite Seafood Gorgonzola Salad. My companion and I needed refills and Josh immediately brought us our drinks and again he immediately updated our bill in the register. Both my companion's hamburger and my salad were delicious and exceeded our expectations.

Josh and Gina constantly checked on us and were very intent on making sure we were taken care of. All refills were done in a timely manner and all requests were met in a timely fashion.

Both bartenders, Josh and Gina, entered all drinks into the register immediately after each order. Drinks were free poured drinks to the count of one thousand three or four. All cash was placed in the register and all tips were placed into the bucket in the register area. Josh and Gina did check IDs when necessary and acted in a professional manner throughout my visit. Both bartenders did some flair bartending and made everyone at the bar feel at ease.

During my visit I did notice a manager interacting with staff or guests. She was a female with long brown hair. She interacted with staff and guests in a positive and professional manner.

I telephoned the restaurant at approximately 8:00 p.m. and a female, who did not introduce herself, answered after the third ring. She was very friendly and gave me accurate directions to the restaurant.

The exterior of the restaurant was in good condition. All lighting was functional and all signage was easy to read. The restroom was clean and all items were fully stocked. My companion and I enjoyed our visit to this barand based on this visit would return again.

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