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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



RETAIL STORE - Evaluation        
      From 04/06/2001 To 04/12/2001        
Location Town Center at Cobb/Kennesaw
400 Ernest Barrett Pkwy #243
Kennesaw, GA 30144-4917
Current score is 77
Visit Information Response Points
Dollar amount spent: 10.48    
Date of visit: 4-11-01    
Day of week: Wednesday    
Time in: 7:04    
Time out: 7:23    
Transaction # (receipt) 81128    
Impressions / Professionalism Response Points
Were you greeted/acknowledged within 30 seconds? NO 5 0
If not, how long did it take? More than 3 minutes    
If acknowledged , how were you greeted? Verbally    
Name of associate (or description) Justin    
What you shopping for: Apparel    
Were ALL associates well groomed & appropriately dressed representing the image of the company? YES   5 5
Were ALL associates wearing nametags? YES 2 2
How many customers did you observe in the store during your visit? Five    
How many sales associates did you observe in the store during your visit? Three    
Were all the associates busy working during your visit? Yes 2 2
What were the associates doing? Helping other customers    
Service Response Points
As you moved through the store, did associates approach and acknowledge you? NO 3  
Did the associate ask questions to determine your needs? YES 4 4
Did the associate show you the requested item, NOT just point you to it? YES 3 3
Did associate suggest a substitute item if the requested item was not in stock? N/A 2 2
Did associate suggest additional items or accessories to go with your item? NO 3  
Did associate ask you to try on the item? N/A 2 2
Did associate count the items you took into the dressing room? N/A 2 2
Did associate offer to measure your feet? N/A 2 2
Did associate lace up your shoes? N/A 2 2
Was the associate enthusiastic in servicing your needs? YES 3 3
Did the associate ask if you wanted to purchase the items? YES 3 3
If unable to service your requests, was a manager brought in to assist you? N/A 3 3
Was your transaction handled quickly at the checkout? YES 2 2
Did the cashier ask if you had a Winners Circle Card? NO 2  
Did the cashier check the sizes on the items you bought? N/A 2 2
Were you given a receipt for your purchase? YES 2 2
Were you thanked for shopping at the store? YES 4 4
Promotions & Products Response Points
Did associate know the merchandise well and able to find the items quickly? YES 2 2
Did the associate describe the features and benefits of the product? YES 2 2
Was the item you wanted available? YES 2 2
Were special sales or promotions explained to you? YES 2 2
Were new arrivals pointed out? NO 2  
Shopping Environment Response Points
Were the displays neat and easy to shop? YES 3 3
Were you able to move easily through the fixtures, tables and benches? YES 3 3
Was the store well maintained YES 3 3
Were the dressing rooms locked (Clean, free of trash, hangers and tags)? YES 2 2
Were the displays accurately marked with the sales price? YES 2 2
Was the check out area clean and clutter free? YES 2 2
Were the information brochures at the counter available, neat and organized? YES 2 2
Were the gift cards on display at the check out counter? YES 2 2
Was the music playing in the store loud enough to create an energized shopping experience? NO 3  
Overall Impression Response Points
Was this a pleasant shopping experience? YES 2 2
Were you satisfied with the service you received today? YES 3 3
Based on this visit ONLY, would you return to this store? NO 5  

I walked into the store and noticed an employee to my right. He did not acknowledge me, but was with other customers. All the same. I would have thought he would say hello as I looked directly at him, but he did not.

Of the three employees there only Bret and Justin acknowledged me. I never got his name but after he was done with his customer I did not see him again.

I started to linger around and still no one noticed me. Finally, Justin walked in from the rear and asked to help me. I told him I was looking for a gift for my husband and asked if he had any suggestions. He asked if he liked sports and I said no not really. The he suggested a fashion t shirt or good pair of walking shoes and I said the t shirt would probably be best.

He showed me the displays and was careful to comment on the most popular ones and the ones on sale. He did not mention the new arrivals.

After that I browsed the store again and was greeted by Brett who helped me with my final purchase of shoe protector spray. He commented on the quality of the product when I asked if it worked, he also said it was popular. He offered to ring up my spray.

When I left he did not say anything special like come back or have a good night. I think they did a fair job overall once they acknowledged I was in the store, but then again that took several minutes and I might have left if not doing an evaluation. The store was clean and there were clean walkways throughout. They were no loose shoes sitting out. The employees seemed to work well together and were busy working with displays when not helping customers.

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