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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



 FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT/ Region 1 / District 13 - Dining        
      From 08/08/2001 To 08/12/2001        
Location 125 - Boynton Beach
720 Boynton Beach Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33437 
Current score is 88
Visit Information Response Points
1.Dollar amount spent including tip: 40.57    
2.Day of week:  Saturday    
3.Date of visit: 08/11/2001    
4.Time of visit: 07:05 PM    
5.Business volume:  Heavy    
6.Transaction / receipt #:  129 &
F-0014 (Bar)
7.Servers name (or description) Heather    
Telephone 6 of 6 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Was the telephone answered promptly and professionally? YES  2 2
2.Was the telephone answered in a friendly and enthusiastic manner?  YES 2 2
3.Were all of your questions answered accurately?   YES 2 2
Guest Service Response Points
Facility 6 of 8 Points - 75%      
1.Did the exterior of the restaurant appear clean and well maintained?    YES 2 2
2.Did the interior of the restaurant appear clean and well maintained?    YES 2 2
3.Were the restrooms clean and well stocked?  NO 2 0
4.Was the table top, menus, silverware and fixtures clean? YES 2 2
Host 24 of 26 Points - 92% Response Points
1.Were you greeted promptly upon entering? YES 4 4
2.Were you given a proper welcoming greeting?  YES 3 3
3.Were you offered a seating preference? YES 2 2
4.If there was a wait, were you quoted a waiting time? YES 2 2
5.If quoted a waiting time, was it accurate within 5 min? NO 2 0
6.If not how long was the quote off in minutes: Early by 24 minutes    
7.Did the greeting host seem genuinely friendly and make good eye contact with you?  YES 3 3
8.Were you offered a proper greeting upon leaving the restaurant? YES 3 3
9.Did the host that seated you ask you to follow? YES 2 2
10.Were you graciously seated? YES 2 2
11.Did the seating host appear genuinely friendly and make good eye contact with you?  YES 2 2
12.Were you informed of who your server would be? YES 1 1
Service 29 of 37 Points Response Points
1.Were you greeted promptly by your server? YES 3 3
2.Did your server suggest a specific drink or appetizer? NO 4 0
3.Were your beverages served promptly? YES 2 2
4.Did your server mention the daily special? NO 2 0
5.Did your server have good menu knowledge? YES 2 2
6.Was your order taken in a timely manner after being seated? YES 2 2
7.Were there appetizer/bread plates available? YES 1 1
8.Were the correct food and drink items delivered? YES 2 2
9.Did your server check back within three minutes? YES 3 3
10.Did your server offer you additional beverages in a timely manner? YES 1 1
11.Did your server anticipate your needs? YES 3 3
12.Did your server honor your request on a timely basis? YES 2 2
13.Was your table manicured in a timely manner? YES 2 2
14.Were you offered dessert or coffee? NO 2 0
15.Was your check accurate and delivered promptly? YES 1 1
16.Did you receive genuinely friendly service? YES 5 5
Food 10 of 10 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Was the hot food hot/cold food cold? YES 3 3
2.Did all food meet your expectations?   YES 3 3
3.Was all food served promptly?  YES 4 4
Runners 3 of 3 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Did the food runner appear genuinely friendly?   YES 1 1
2.Did the food runner contribute to the manicure of your table?   YES 1 1
3.Did the runner honor your requests on a timely basis?   YES 1 1
Management 10 of 10 Points - 100% Response Points
1.Based on this visit would you return to FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT?   YES 5 5
2.Would you recommend FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT?  YES 5 5
Evaluation Information      
1.Greeting Host (name or description):  Tera at the door/Amy at the podium    
2.Seating Host (name or description): Ryan    
3.Bartenders (names or descriptions) if applicable: Jeff W.    
4.Server (name or description) Heather G    
5.Food Runner(s) (name(s) or descriptions) Male-drk brwn hair.reg.or med. lgnth 19-21 (2 others)    
6.Food & Drink items ordered: Pork BBQ Sandwich, Scallop Platter, 2 Iced Teas    
7.Was the manager visible and interacting with guests? NO    
8.Did anyone recognize you by name or try to learn your name? NO    
9.If you asked to take some of your food with you, was it packaged by a staff member in a positive manner? NO    
10.Was the noise level comfortable?  YES    
11.Was the temperature comfortable? YES    
12.How would you rate your overall visit?  Positive    
When we arrived at the very restaurant we noticed the grand opening appearance. There was an area outside for customers to get beverages. We were greeted by Tera from Japan who held the waiting list at the opened door. Though she did not smile, she was pleasant and efficient asking us our seating preference. She then told us that the wait would be 45 minutes.

After we entered we were greeted by Amy who gave us our beeper /disk and she said that it would light up when they were ready for us. She did not recommend an area to wait so we decided since the wait was so long that we would get a beverage at the bar. Every seat at the bar was filled and customers were standing, waiting for their tables, as well.

It took about 5 minutes to get the bartender, Jeff W's attention because we had to keep moving out of the way from the food coming through from the kitchen. Jeff W. asked what we would like to order. We asked if there were any special beer offers for the night and he named off some light beers that were $1.00. For our beverages we chose a Coor's Light and a diet coke.

When he brought them, he said that it would be $3.00. I gave him the money and he brought back 26 cents. I gave him $1.00 tip. A minute later, he rang up our order as well as some others that he had in his hand and I got his attention and asked for a receipt since "I am from out of town on business". He rang something up and then gave me my receipt after attaching two receipts together. He just rang up the total amount, not the way the transaction had happened. In other words he rang up $2.74 including tax but not that I had given him $3.00 and he had given me 26 cents change.

I did not see anything untoward, any underage people at the bar nor any who appeared to be intoxicated. The cash registers were busy the entire time that we were there with three bartenders preparing beverages and then putting them in the register.

Later, another bartender came back from the kitchen area and he worked mainly where the servers were placing their orders.

We were called much sooner for our table. It was approximately 20 minutes instead of 44 minutes. Ryan greeted us and took us to our table at an easy pace. He made eye contact and told us that Heather would be our server. In one minute a very friendly upbeat server, Heather arrived with a great welcoming smile. She passed a moment of small talk though she did not ask us if we had ever been to the restaurant before.

She knew the menu well, though she did not mention any specials. I did, however, overhear her mention specials at some other tables. She took our order for two iced teas and did not make any special recommendations for the beverages. She returned in three minutes with two very tasty, full-bodied glasses of sweetened tea that we had requested and we then talked about the menu.

My dining partner was considering the BBQ pork sandwich. She pointed out to him that there was also a platter but she thought that the sandwich was so good in that it was piled high. She said it was very good!! I was still having trouble making a decision which she noticed and she told us of two chicken platters, one being the Okeechobee chicken that she especially liked and we talked about the coconut shrimp which she said was out of this world!

I decided on the scallop platter since she still had not mentioned any specials. Heather said that was an excellent decision, as well. Since she was ready to leave, I said that the wings looked good but I did not know if we could eat them all and have dinner, as well. She said that they also had an order of 5 but it just wasn't on the menu. We talked about the sweet island sauce and we chose those. We had also asked if salads were served with the meal and she said, no, they did not but she pointed to where the salads were - only $1.95 with the meal, so we decided to get one each. She left us at 7:40 with the order and she brought the salads at 7:44. They were crisp and fresh. I had ordered the gorgonzola salad and there was a lot of gorgonzola sprinkled on top of the salad with the salad piled high and beautiful on its plate. They were very good salads.

The five wings arrived at 7:53. We were well into our salads. A runner, male, described above, brought them. He made eye contact, smiled and placed them in between our salad plates and said enjoy! They too were a good choice. They were served piping hot and were on top of a delicious light, sweet sauce.

Our entrees arrived at 8:05 by two runners. The scallop plate was very hot and it was obvious that the runner who brought the scallops was quite uncomfortable with hot fingers. He had a clean white cloth but it apparently did not help very much. Male: 18 years of age, short black or dark brown hair, 5'6-5'7" tall. The other runner was a female with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. Both made eye contact, smiled and the female said to enjoy our dinner.

My dining partner's salad plate had been removed but my salad plate was not removed when they left. Our server moved it a few minutes later. There were 8 succulent scallops prepared to perfection on top of saffron rice. It was also served with a generous portion of mixed vegetables. While the vegetables were very tasty they were a little overcooked. They were broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, squash (green and yellow). The pork sandwich was huge, topped with strings and was generously accompanied with crisp hot fries and what appeared to be a red cabbage leaf topped with cold, crispy, delicious coleslaw.

During the entire night, we were not able to pick out a manager. No one stood out as being in charge and we did not see anyone dressed any differently from the servers. If there was a manager, he or she worked just as hard as the servers and all of them were working well on their own.

All patrons seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves and their meals. We also did not see anyone leaving with an unhappy face.

After our meal, Heather asked if we would like to take our meals home with us since we had not eaten very much of them. She said that she would bring the take-home boxes which she did, leaving them for us to fill.

She did not ask us if we would like to have coffee or would like to try a dessert. She quickly brought our bill. Returned for it in a minute and returned within two minutes with our receipt. Heather thanked us sincerely and thanked us very much for coming in and to please come back again. We left at 8:23

The restrooms were both very neat and clean with a fresh aroma. There were, however, no paper towels in the dispenser and there were none anywhere else. The floor in front of the sinks was very wet since there were no towels. The checklist on back of the door was as new as the restaurant. Nothing had been filled in.

The restaurant was very jovial and festive and all of the employees were in good spirits. We left in a good mood as well having enjoyed our dinner and good service. We would very much like to return.


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