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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



      From 04/05/2001 To 04/10/2001        
Location  Lauderhill
5001 N. University Drive
Lauderhill, FL 33351
Current score is 94
Visit Information Response Points
Points Awarded
Dollar amount spent- do not use dollar sign ($) 6.98   0
Day of visit 4/6/01   0
Date of visit Friday   0
Time of visit: 5:29 PM   0
Food ordered Gyro platter, coke   0
Transaction/receipt #      
Hospitality Response Points
Points Awarded
Did you receive a warm, welcoming feeling and feel your patronage was appreciated?  YES 6 6
Name of associate Ted Paul    
Was the first person you encountered projecting a courteous and friendly manner? YES 5 5
Were other employees projecting a helpful and friendly manner and staying busy? YES 6 6
Were you thanked for your patronage?  YES 5 5
Guest Service Response Points
Points Awarded
Did you receive adequate time to make your food selection? YES  3 3
Did the cashier enter your order correctly and give you correct change? YES  3 3
Did the cashier suggest an additional product in a positive manner at any time during your visit? (Suggestive selling; side item, dessert, etc.) YES  5 5
After receiving your change, did you receive your food order in 4 minutes or less? YES  3 3
Actual minutes 3 minutes    
If your order took 4 minutes or more, did the employee apologize? N/A 3 3
Did you receive your correct food order? YES  4 4
Were condiments visible and well stocked? YES 3 3
Were all team members clean, neat and in complete uniform including name tag and hair restrained?  YES  3 3
Did a manager visit with guests at a table or make any guest contract? YES 3 3
Did all staff (including manager) portray a professional manner? (If no, elaborate in summary) YES  3 3
Product Quality Response Points
Points Awarded
Was your entree's temperature appropriate? YES 3 3
Did it taste good? YES 3 3
Was its appearance good? YES  3 3
Was your side item temperature appropriate? YES  3 3
Did it taste good? YES  3 3
Was its appearance good? YES  3 3
Was your beverage full flavored (not watery or flat)? YES  3 3
In your opinion, was the food of the highest quality? YES  3 3
Was the display case clean and attractively displayed? YES   3 3
Did the food in the display case appear fresh and appetizing? YES 3 3
Cleanliness Response Points
Points Awarded
Were entrance doors and windows clean (no fingerprints) and were parking lot and landscaping well maintained? NO 3 0
Was the dining area neat? No more than two dirty tables; customer area, trash receptacles clean neat and not overflowing; walls, floors, lights, vents, mats and ceiling clean? NO 3 0
Were restrooms clean and operational, well supplied with soap tissue, hand towels (or dryer) and fresh smelling? YES   3 3
Was service counter and condiment/fountain area clean? Were cleaning cloths, equipment stored inconspicuously? Were comment cards available? YES  3 3
Was the menu board clean and well lit? POP advertising material in good condition and displayed properly, no handwritten signs. YES   3 3
FYI Response Points
Points Awarded
Were the dumpster doors closed? YES    
Were exterior trash cans clean? YES    
Was your entree portion size reasonable? YES    
Was the dining room attendant properly attired, friendly and courteous? N/A    
In your observation of the drive-thru, were the cars moving quickly? YES    
Did you feel you received a good value for your dollar?  YES    
Was the background music selection appropriate and the volume acceptable? NO    
Was the overall temperature of the restaurant comfortable? YES    
Did anyone offer to clear your table for you? NO    
Were tables being cleaned promptly?  NO    
At any time during your visit, did anyone ask about your meal?  NO    
Upon entering the restaurant were you greeted by an employee? YES    
In your opinion, does the restaurant need the immediate attention of management, due to the extreme lack of cleanliness? NO    
Based on your experience today, would you recommend this restaurant to others?  YES    


I arrived at 5:29 PM. I noticed that the front door had fingerprints all over it. I walked inside and made my way over to the service counter. I passed by three dirty tables. There was no dining room attendant in sight.

Ted immediately greeted me at the counter. I noticed from his name tag that he was the manager. Ted took my order and suggested a drink and dessert. I paid and Ted gave me correct change. Ted gave me my cup, thanked me, told me my order number and said that he would call my number when my order was ready.

I filled my drink at the drink station. The station and the service counter were both clean. Ted called my number 3 minutes after I ordered. Ted gave me my order and said to enjoy. All the food was real good. The gyro was hot and fresh. The fries were hot and crisp. My drink was full flavored. I sat and ate. No one inquired about my meal or offered to clear my table. I did not see a dining room attendant during my visit.

I was unable to hear any music playing while I ate. I finished eating and got rid of my waste. I noticed that the waste basket was very full and in need of attention. I visited the restroom and found it clean and well kept. I exited and found the grounds well kept. The signage was not lit at this hour, but was well visible from the street. I would return in the future. The food and service were very good.


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