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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



Para Retail Client-Retail Evaluation - Shop        
      From 12/2/2001 To 12/2/2001        
Location 1-My Store
1000 Main St.
Anytown, USA 11111
Current score is 61
Visit Information Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Day of visit Wednesday 0 0
2. Date of visit 2/20/2002 0 0
3. Time of visit: 11:00 AM   0 0
4. Number of customers (including self) 8 0
5. Number of employees   5 0
6. Name of sales associate: Brian Jones 0
7. Item shopped for:  Speakers   0
First Impression / Professionalism 3 of 9 Points - 33% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Were you greeted/acknowledged within 30 seconds from entering?   NO 3 0
2. If not how long?  More than 3 minutes   0
3. Were all associates appropriately dressed and well groomed?    YES 3 3
4. Were all associates busy working during your visit?   NO 3 0
5. What were they doing? Talking to other associates   0
Facility 8 of 8 Points - 100% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Did the exterior & interior of the facility appear clean and well maintained? YES 3 3
2. Were all glass surfaces free of streaks & fingerprints? YES YES 2 2
3. Were displays and products dust free and arranged attractively? YES 3 3
Product 13 of 21 Points - 62% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Were all products grouped appropriately? YES 2 2
2. Were all products marked with prices? YES 4 4
3. Were you able to easily find the product you were interested in?  YES 4 4
4. Were products hooked up and ready to demonstrate? NO 3 0
5. Were you offered a demonstration of the product? NO 3 0
6. Was it a good demonstration?  YES 3 3
Sales/Service 37 of 62 Points - 60% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Did the associate ask about your needs? YES 4 4
2. Was the associate knowledgeable of the products? YES 5 5
3. Was the associate able to locate items quickly? YES 4 4
4. Did the associate suggest any additional items? NO 5 0
5. Did the associate suggest an alternative item if your request was not available? N/A 5 5
6. If the associate did not know an answer to your questions did they make an effort to find the answer? N/A 4 4
7. Was the associate enthusiastic in serving you? YES 5 5
8. Did the associate leave you with an appropriate departing remark? YES 5 5
9. Did the associate attempt to try and close the sale? NO 10 0
10. Did the associate try to overcome any objections you made toward purchasing?  NO 5 0
11. Were special promotions explained to you? YES 5 5
12. Were new arrival products pointed out? NO 5 0
I arrived at the store to find a very clean environment both outside and inside. When I entered I noticed several associates standing in a group talking, two of them were still there talking when I left the store 30 minutes later.

The store was arranged in a way that made items easy to locate and prices were visible. I walked around the store for about 5 minutes before making my way to the speaker section, no-one had approached or acknowledged me.

Another minute or so passed and I was greeted by Brian. He introduced himself and asked if he could help me. I told him he probably could; that I was interested in upgrading my sound system at home and was looking for some options.

He asked me questions regarding what I currently had and what I thought I wanted to accomplish. He asked if I had a specific brand in mind and if I had a budget. We looked at several different brands and models and he was very knowledgeable of all the products.

After it was clear he was not going to offer to demonstrate any of the speakers we looked at, I asked if I could listen to one particular model that was in my price range. He complimented my choice and attempted to play a CD.

Something was not connected properly and he had to make several attempts to make it work. He apologized for the delay and commented someone had not left things as they should. The speakers sounded great. I told Brian I needed to look around at some other stores and he thanked me and told me if he could be of any assistance in the future to please let him know as he handed me a business card.

He was very nice and professional but did not suggest I look at anything other than speakers, point out any new products that were available or make an effort to close the sale. He did remind me of their annual sale that was coming up next month.

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