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The following information is intended to give a potential client an example of a typical evaluation/ mystery shopping format, an example of the Summary Reporting and the Criteria Reporting.



PARA Manufacturer-Evaluation - Evaluation        
      From 1/1/2002 to 1/1/2002        
Location 1- My Brand Electronics
123 Main Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
Current score is 81
Visit Information Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Day of week of visit Friday 0 0
2. Date of visit 2/14/02 0 0
3. Time of day of visit 6:00 PM 0 0
4. Salesperson's name James Harris 0 0
Facility 6 of 10 points - 60% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Did the store appear clean, neat & organized? YES 2 2
2. Were you greeted by a salesperson within 2 minutes? NO 4 0
3. Was the staff courteous? YES 2 2
4. Was the staff neatly attired? YES 2 2
Merchandising 10 of 20
points - 50%
Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Was my brand clearly on display? YES 10  10
2. Were they well maintained (in good shape, i.e. - not dented, dust & scratch free, etc.)? NO 10 0
3. If no, please explain what damage was visible? Several had scratches and were dusty 0
Service 30 of 35 points - 86% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Did the salesperson ask about your needs? YES 5 5
2. Did the salesperson address those needs? YES 5 5
3. Did the salesperson seem enthusiastic & knowledgeable about my brand? YES 5 5
4. Did the salesperson try to sell you something else? YES 5 5
5. If yes, what was the brand mentioned? Big Sound   0
6. Did the salesperson ask to give you a demonstration? NO 0 0
7. Was everything hooked up & working (or did the salesperson spend time putting it together while you waited?) ? YES 5 5
8. Did you feel it was a good demonstration? YES 5 5
The Close 35 of 35 points - 100% Response Points
Points Awarded
1. Did the salesperson try to close you (i.e. asked you for the sale)? YES 15 15
2. Did the salesperson leave you with an appropriate departing comment, making you feel they were interested in your business? YES 10 10
3. Were prices and discounts made clear to you? N/A 10 10
4. Name of product model you were shopping for? My Brand T1500   0
5. Price quoted for the product you were shopping for? 1495.00 each   0

I entered the store and walked around looking at different speakers for approximately 10 minutes before I was asked if anyone was helping me.

The sales associate introduced himself and shook my hand, asking what he could help me with. I told him I was interested in upgrading and/or adding to my existing home sound system and possibly developing a home theater environment.

He asked if I had a preference in brand and a budget. I told him my choice and he complimented me on my selection. He also said in that price range I may want to consider the Big Sound brand as they were comparably priced and a very good product.

He showed me several choices in the brand I had originally specified as well as the other brand.

When it was obvious he was not going to offer a demonstration, I asked if I could listen to the speakers I had originally shown an interest in. He asked about my music preference and went away to get a CD.

He returned promptly and started the demonstration. Everything was hooked up and ready to demonstrate but some of the speakers were scratched and dusty. The sound was very impressive and he was very knowledgeable of the products. He was however a little too technical for a layman like myself.

I asked if there were any discounts or upcoming sales and was told this line was never discounted and they had an annual sale of demo and floor models coming up in a few months. He asked if I would like a home visit to better understand the layout and design so to better recommend the best product and placement for my goals.

I told him I had just begun to look and would certainly keep him in mind as I continued my research. He gave me his card, the hours he typically worked and offered his assistance at any time. He thanked me for considering their store and assured me again they could satisfy my needs at a competitive price. He never addressed the mention of home theater, just the speakers.

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